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    We move quickly with teams that are small and effective. We learn together and take responsibility of our work. Each team members plays crucial part in the team performance.

Parrotz News

  • Parrotz Family
    Parrotz Family

    Niklas ”Playing with a cars has always felt natural for me” ”As a child my favourite toys were toy cars and my favourite car was my parents Opel Kadett as it’s leaking exhaust made a nice sound. As I grow older, I started to like more mopeds and I ended up to own and sell […]

  • Wall of Fame
    Teemu Hartikainen

    A week ago we got opportunity to deliver Parrotz Jeep for KHL star Teemu Hartikainen to his home in Kuopio. Teemu has played all of his childhood at KalPa and apparently Kuopio is still place to be. Teemu is known as a physical player and for that we are not surprised that he chose a […]

  • Tips
    Choosing a car

    As in all choises we made, also choosing a car needs to be suitable. With a Parrotz car you are already in a half way. All of the Parrotz cars are suitable: checked, stylish and safe to drive, with a good price to quality ratio. Now the only thing what matters anymore is to pick […]


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