You can compare up to 4 vehicles at one time.

We're the better way to buy used car

With Parrotz, you can buy or finance your car entirely online and complete your purchase from the comfort of your sofa.

You can choose to have it delivered to your door or to buy it from our store. We own every car on our website and have fully reconditioned each one, so quality comes guaranteed.

Need help choosing a right car?

You can choose to have it delivered to your door or to buy it from our store. We own every car on our website and have fully reconditioned each one, so quality comes guaranteed.



You search for a vehicle


Fill out finance or exchange application


We answer you first possible time


Detailed video review of the car you are interested, if needed


We work with well known finance companies to offer you suitable monthly plan


We sign electronically contracts


We deliver your car to your door or you can collect from our customer center

  • Great Value
    All our cars are competitively and transparently priced. Each car have customized elements to make your ride unforgettable. We offer the choice of either home delivery or collection from a Parrotz Showroom conducted by one of our qualified advisor.
  • Top Quality Cars
    We have tens of makes and models in stock and available to buy at any time. Every car we sell has been thoroughly checked and has had a recent service and MOT.
  • Fully Reconditioned
    Our cars have all been through our thorough 150 point inspection and been certified before they are listed for sale on our website. If any car doesn’t pass, we simply won’t sell it. Each car meets MOT safety standards.

Parrotz Quality

Every car has been carefully inspected and fully reconditioned, so you can be completely confident about its safety and condition. We give you peach of mind as every car has:

  • Videos or photos of imperfections, if needed
  • Completed a road test by our technicians
  • Passed our thorough 150 point inspection
  • Been reconditioned to our high standards
  • Tyres have met the national standards
  • Had a recent service or MOT
Online Purchase

Buying a car online is simple as buying shoes

Happiness Warranty

14 days return policy for online purchase

Parrotz Delivery

It does not matter where you are located. We deliver your car front of your home anywhere in Finland.

Common Questions When Buying a Car

  • What is the process of buying a car from Parrotz?

    Process is very simple, you find a car which suits your needs. After that you either contact us via chat, call or sending your finance application to us. We review it and try to organise the whole deal within minutes during our opening hours.

  • How does the online purchase happen?

    Online purchase happens via call or you can book a car from Parrotz website then the car is reserved exclusively for you and our advisory team will contact you first possible time. During the online purchase we do videos of the car condition or we can have a live video call so you can ask all questions that come in your mind about the car condition. We want to be transparent with the car condition so you know what you are buying.

  • What is the process if I want to exchange a car with Parrotz?

    Trading your old car in for a new one is a common thing. When you have found your dream car from Parrotz selection, then please send us information about your car (this page, you can find it on top of the page “Sell”) so we can evaluate your old car and give you an answer within minutes during our opening hours.

  • How will the car exchanging process go?

    When we have agreed the exchange deal then there are two options how the deal happens 1) you come to Parrotz Showroom and the deal happens at the spot or 2) We deliver your purchased car at your desired spot and we organise your old car transport to Parrotz Showroom. We make the deal to go super smooth, so you don't need to worry about anything.

  • How do I know how much my annual car tax is?

    You can check annual car tax from Nettiauto or Traficom.

  • When it's an import car do I need to pay import tax for the car?

    All taxes are paid by Parrotz, you don't have any additional cost to this price besides office fee (149€) and if you would like to have additional equipment, services or protection.

  • What form of payment Parrotz accepts?

    Parrotz accepts cash and wire transfer.

  • When and how do I need to pay for my car?

    If you pay cash, then you have to pay right away, without payment we cannot give the car to you. If creditor pays behalf of you then we check the if creditor approves your car loan before signing final documents. After we get approval by the creditor, you just have to sign documents and after that you are able enjoy the ride of your new Parrotz car.

  • How do I apply for finance?

    When you are in Parrotz Showroom we can apply the finance together right away. If you can't make it to the Showroom we can check finance via call or you can simply just put your information via website after you have chosen your dream car.

  • What information is needed for a finance decision?

    For Finance decision we need your personal information, working place and monthly income.

  • How long is my finance decision valid for?

    This one really depends on the finance provider. But most common is 1-6months.

  • When will my car be delivered?

    We deliver 7 days a week from 10am-7pm and in as little as 72 hours. Find suitable time with your personal advisor.

  • What happens when my car is delivered?

    One of our Handover Specialists will show you around the car and answer any questions. All you need to do is show proof of your identification and give us a quick signature.

  • What condition the car will be in when it's delivered?

    When your car is delivered, it will have been thoroughly inspected and reconditioned.

  • What happens when I don't like my Parrotz car when it's delivered?

    If you want to return or exchange your car, simply call us before the 14th day of the pick up and we arrange the best solution for you. Please read Parrotz car return policy.


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