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Parrotz Family


''Playing with a cars has always felt natural for me''

''As a child my favourite toys were toy cars and my favourite car was my parents Opel Kadett as it's leaking exhaust made a nice sound.

As I grow older, I started to like more mopeds and I ended up to own and sell several of them back in days.

My first real car was BMW E30 316i. I continued the same thing I did with mopeds and I ended up to own and sell lot of cars. Didn't took lot of time that I was selling a cars as my job and not only as a hobby.  

In additional to cars my spare time I use playing a floor ball, hanging with friends, girlfriend and of course with my two cats.''


''Best thing on selling a cars must be that you can spend lot of time with cars and people. Plus every day are full of surprises, so I could basically say that I'm currently doing my dream job.

It's always a great feeling to help your customer to find the perfect car for their needs. It needs for me that I know cars really well and also I'm easily approachable. So as I already said cars and working with a people are the best thing for sure.

Come to visit us, even just for a best coffee in a town!

You can find us at Satukukanpolku 5 D, Järvenpää. PS. If you have a car fever we have a best medicines to cure you.''



''Ciao! My name is Marika and I work here as a marketing manager. My interest about cars and for all the motorsports begin in my early life.

The best thing about working in a marketing at Parrotz must be that the visuality and my love for the cars combine perfectly together and I'm able to show what amazing and unique cars we have over here.''

It would be very hard to sell something I wouldn't personally believe!

What comes to marketing, I really got into it when studying at Vierumäki, where we ran a company providing marketing services to sports companies for a year. In the future, our goal at Parrotz is to cooperate and support professional athletes in their careers. My all-time favorite movies include Tokyo Drift and Karate Kid, so it’s not probably entirely a coincidence that I work with a great cars and in my spare time I grind that perfect crane kick. What comes to my home, I share it with a one Labrador-retriever named Latte. In our spare time we like to hang with our friends and family and also especially Latte enjoys going for a walks and enjoying good food. You might also spot us from the cottage or from the night of Helsinki.


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